Low Carbohydrate Snack with High Fiber Content : GG Bran Crisp Bread

Low Carbohydrate Snack with High Fiber Content : GG Bran Crisp Bread

Our History

GG Bran Crispbread is a traditionally baked From the slow baking European ovens of Norway comes the highest bran-content product available. Prepared from 85% unprocessed bran, pure Norwegian spring water is added, causing the bran fibers to swell and expand. The batter is then slowly baked at an extremely low temperature over a 12 hour period, which prevents the destruction of any of the vitamins and minerals found in the ingredients. Through the process the moisture is driven off, leaving behind a crisp, flavorful and 3-dimensional bread, which is immedietly able to absorb moisture and provide bulk as it passes through the digestive system, making the bran as effective as possible. This special baking process maximiezes the surface area of the fiber in the bran. When GG is consumed, it more rapidly absorbs more intestinal moisture and satisfies your appetite more completely than any other bran product.crispbread, still produced in Norway by the Gundersen family. Mr. Eugen Gundersen created and produced the original recipe in 1935 after he found the original version of Scandinavian crispbread to be the most effective and appetizing method of supplementing his diet with fiber.

GG gained great respect while maintaining a reputation for excellence, endorsed by countless nutritionists, doctors and dieticians. Additionally, it was officially adopted by the Norwegian summer and winter Olympic teams in 1980.

Our product has been recommended in cookbooks, newsletters and books for diabetics and dieters. It is perfect for the health conscious and dieters alike; especially those following low carbohydrate and low calorie diets. With such high fiber and low carbohydrates, GG Bran Crispbread is the best bran product on the market. It is not only the lowest in calories, but the only bran bread available that contains low net carbohydrates per slice. GG is exclusively produced for and imported in the U.S. by CEL Enterprises, Inc.

We are available in health and natural food stores across the United States. Now, for your convenience, it is available for order online.

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