Order GG Bran Crispbread, a Low Carb Food Item with High Dietary Fiber.

Order GG Bran Crispbread, a Low Carb Food Item with High Dietary Fiber.

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GG Bran Products offer a low carb and high fiber alternative to standard breads. Use this order form to order either our Crispbreads or our NEW Sprinkles. Our half case of Crispbread contains 15 packages – each package contains 10 crackers and weighs 3.5 oz (100g). Sprinkles ship in cases of 4 tubs - each tub contains 300 grams of the GG Bran Fiber Sprinkles.

Note: GG Bran Crispbreads are made of wheat bran which may contain Gluten. It is not advised that you use this product if you have a wheat allergy or if you have Coeliac disease. Please consult your physician if you are uncertain if the product is advisable for you. We do not currently have a wheat free substitute for the crisbpread.

Save 5% through December 6th!

Save an additional 5% on our normally discounted GG Scandinavian Bran Crispbread cases through December 6th, 2013.

Happy Holidays!

We hope you have a great time during the holidays. Please note that our call center will be closed beginning at 2pm EST on the 24th and will be closed throughout the 25th. We will re-open the contact center at 8am EST on December 26th.

Our call center will also be closed throughout January 1st. You may still use our website to make any orders you would like.

Notice: Sprinkles are NOW IN STOCK!

We are now selling 4 tub cases of GG Fiber Sprinkles for $35.00. In order to make sure that each customer receives they product they have been waiting for, we are limiting each order to a maximum of 2 cases at this time. Thank you for your patience.

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No image available GG Fiber Sprinkles - 4 Tubs
Each tub contains 300g of GG Fiber Sprinkles. The wide mouth lid is perfect for scooping or use in recipes.
*Limit 2 cases.
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